SHIPWRECK issued 5/30: County Supervisor Jim Desmond & Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey

For criticizing and ultimately saying “no” to the plan to pursue Homekey funding from the state to purchase nearly 500 housing units while not providing ideas or alternative strategies that would help people end their homelessness. It is much easier to say “no” than it is to develop a plan that will reduce homelessness. Sending unsheltered people to another city is not an appropriate or sustainable response for any city. Moreover, it places the burden and cost on other cities. Each of the 18 cities within San Diego County must do its fair share within its own city limits and budget to reduce homelessness and provide appropriate services and shelters.  

Correction: a prior version of this Shipwreck stated that Mayor Bailey touts Coronado as having solved homelessness. While some media outlets stated that Mayor Bailey and Coronado had solved homelessness, Mayor Bailey has not corrected them but he has also not formally made this claim.